Eco-friendly accelerator looking for Green Entrepreneurs.

TheHive by Gvahim heads the wave toward green horizon ! Born from our partnership with SwitchMed, a European Commission initiative, The « Green Pitch » will bring clean tech, eco-innovative startups and top tier mentors together for a three days long workshops session and a final Pitch at RISE in front of a large audience of investors.

The Green Pitch is the latest newcomer of TheHive by Gvahim, which has been chosen by SwitchMed to host Israeli « switchers » (understand: green version of disrupters). Launched in October 2015, SwitchMed gathers annually Mediterranean stakeholders; start-ups, entrepreneurs, industry and change agents, policy and financial institution to build synergies, exchange knowledge, and scale up eco and social innovations.

As the Israeli connection of this great initiative, TheHive by Gvahim organizes a workshops session in early September, crowned by a final Pitch to a panel of judges who will pick a winner. The latter will board for Barcelona, HQ of SwitchMed and annual SwitchMedConnect gathering place.

A worldwide concern for a worldwide accelerator.

By taking part to the SwitchMed initiative, TheHive by Gvahim intends to hold a role in a sustainable future economy. It fits with the essence of TheHive : new immigrants bring with them new influences and concerns from all other the world. Sustainability is part of them. And thanks to its original mission, TheHive by Gvahim is an optimal hub to coach green entrepreneurs.

Interested ? The program is opened to olims and Israeli citizens, running a pre-seed or seed-startup carrying in environmental innovation and having at least a proof of concept.

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