You are a foreign entrepreneur and you would like to join the Israeli startup ecosystem but you don't have a visa? 

Good news ! You can apply to TheHive by Gvahim and maybe get an « innovation visa » granted by the Israel Innovation authority. 

  •      What is the innovation visa ? We are glad you ask ! 


Israel is a renowned hub of technological innovation. This thriving ecosystem should reflect the « sponge-nature » of entrepreneurs: always on the look out for new influences and skills. 

That is the reason why the Israel Innovation and the Population Immigration Boarder Authorities at the Ministry of Interior implement the « Innovation Visas » which aims to remove barriers and endorse foreign entrepreneurs to develop and promote technological projects in Israel. Innovation Visas holders can stay in Israel for a two years period and grow up their projects within one of the twelves landing pads operating in Israel. TheHive by Gvahim has been chosen by the Israel Innovation Authority as one of the 12 landing pads for the Innovation Visas program.


  •      Great ! But how does it work ? 


The entrepreneur first applies to TheHive program and goes through the screening process. After being accepted by TheHive, they will be examined by a professional evaluator appointed by the Innovation Authority. The selection criteria are the following: the entrepreneur’s background and experience in the field of the proposed project; the added value provided by the landing pad and the project’s coherence within the field in which the landing pad is operating; a high level of innovation and the applicable feasibility of the plan; and finally a significant business potential including in the global market. 


Get more information about the innovation visa program here


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